Improve your driving and become an advanced driver

Welcome to Blackpool and Fylde Advanced Motorists (BAFAM), your local official provider for the IAM RoadSmart advanced driving course,  covering Blackpool and the Fylde area.


BAFAM covers the FY postcodes in the Blackpool area, Wyre and Fylde boroughs, offering training on urban roads, motorways and winding country lanes.

We have over 25 years of advanced driving experience and are one of 200 affiliated groups across the country. Our aim is to promote a higher standard of driving by means of the Advanced Driving Test and through contributing to education and research.

BAFAM is an independent charity, affiliated to IAM RoadSmart which is a registered UK charity formed in 1956, previously known as the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The charity has spent more than 60 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education. The charity is supported by 200 local groups, staffed by volunteers who have qualified as observers to deliver the Advanced Driving Course in their area.



BAFAM courses run three times a year.  For more information, please contact our Group Secretary, Judith Godbert, or visit the IAM RoadSmart website where you can book a course online.

Group number: 5200.  Registered charity number: 1015977.

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