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The main qualifiers are:

* IAM current paid up members who have passed the IAM Advanced Test.

Please note: the scheme is designed to reward IAM members because they are a better risk than the average driver, so multiple penalty points may exclude you from this scheme.

* 19 to 79 year olds (If you fall outside this age group, IAM Surety does have a number of quality UK insurers who will endeavour to find you car insurance outside this scheme).

Associate members (who have not yet passed the IAM test) will receive a straight 10% discount off RSA’s standard quote and policy. IAM Surety also offers comptetitive insurance rates for the families of IAM members who may not themselves be members, and discounted home insurance for members.

The information on this page has been provided by Adelaide Insurance Services and is believed to be correct but can change without notice.

Please visit the IAM Surety website for the latest information and for a quotation.

IAM Surety

IAM comprehensive car insurance, administered by Adelaide Insurance Services, recognises and rewards the fact that IAM members are safer drivers. Typically, 93%* of advanced drivers find that IAM Surety offers a cheaper insurance quote than their current insurer.

Plus the following features, applicable to IAM members who have passed the IAM car test and who arrange a policy with RSA or KGM via Adelaide Insurance Services:

* FREE cover for IAM approved observers conducting a demonstration in their own vehicle.

* FREE cover for IAM members using their vehicle in connection with voluntary or charity work.

* FREE protected no claim bonus after 4 years of no claims.

* FREE extended foreign travel in Europe - from 31 days to a maximum of 180 days in any 12 month period.

* FREE additional Personal Accident, Personal Effects and Medical Expenses cover, on a comprehensive policy.

* No Excess if the other party is confirmed to be fully at fault, on a comprehensive policy.

* Administration savings i.e. fees decreased for policy arrangement and mid-term adjustments.

*Based on car quotes given by Adelaide Insurance Services Ltd. to UK IAM members in July to 31 December 09, who met acceptance criteria.

IAM Surety scheme acceptance criteria :

Young drivers

At a time when many insurers will not even cover drivers under 25 years of age, IAM Surety has now lowered its minimum age for cover to 19 years. There are conditions, however, notably:-

1. The driver must have passed the IAM test not less than one year before applying.

2. The vehicle must not be above insurance group 28.

Many young drivers make the mistake of buying a cheap car, believing that this will be easier to insure. however, it is not the value of the car that matters but its size and performance, so what is needed is usually a smaller car rather than a cheap one.  

The best course  for a young driver is to contact IAM Surety before buying the car -- they will advise on the most suitable models.

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